Brass works

Chronological index of brass works published by the Salvation Army (S.P.&S.):
For all enquiries for sheet music please call 01933 445445

1979 – Theodora (General Series 1716-1) DEJ

1984 – Century of service (Triumph Series 897) DEJ

1994 – The gospel train (Triumph Series 1011) DEJ

2002 – Faithful God (Triumph Series 1111) DHJ

2003 – I surrender all (Unity Series 284) DHJ

2004 – Beyond 2000 (Triumph Series 1130) DEJ
– Faithful God (Scripture Based songs Vol.5) DHJ
– I stand amazed (Scripture Based songs Vol.5) DHJ
– In Christ alone (Scripture Based songs Vol.5) DHJ
– I will run to you Scripture Based songs Vol.5) DEJ
– We are here to praise you (Scripture Based songs Vol.5) DEJ
– Polka Mitica (Unity Series 302) DHJ
– Walk Tall (Unity Series 306) DEJ

2005 – Glorifico Aeternum (Festival Series 595) DHJ
– Power Source (Triumph Series 1145) DHJ
– Pavane (Unity Series 309) DEJ
– Lift his name (Unity Series 315) DHJ

2006 – None like you (Triumph Series 1155) DHJ
– There is a hope so sure (Scripture Based songs Vol.7) DHJ
– The cradle song (Unity Series 325) DEJ

2007 – Supremacy (Judd St Collection) DHJ
– El es el Senor (General Series 2049) DHJ
– King of kings, Majesty (Scripture Based songs Vol.8) DHJ
– Saints Alive (Unity Series 334) DEJ
– We three kings (Unity Series 336) DEJ
– God rest, you merry gentlemen (Unity Series 337) DEJ
– Triumphant! (Unity Series 341) DHJ

2008 – SCB 125 (Triumph Series 1178) DHJ

2009 – Light and song (General Series 2073) DEJ
– Written in red (General Series 2083) DHJ
– Mighty God (Triumph Series 1198) DHJ
– Days of Elijah (Unity Seris 364) DHJ
– Church on fire! (Scripture Based songs Vol.10) DHJ
– From the highest of heights (Indescribable) S.B.songs Vol.10) DHJ

2010 – Salisbury City (Triumph Series 1207) DHJ
– Promenade (Unity Series 368) DEJ
– God forgave my sin (Freely) (Scripture Based songs Vol.11) DHJ
– He sought me (Scripture Based songs Vol.10) DEJ
– Shine on us (Scripture Based songs Vol.10) DHJ
– Somebody prayed for me (Scripture Based songs Vol.10) DHJ

2011 – The Cornerstone (Unity Series 382) DHJ
– Everyone needs compassion (Scripture Based songs Vol.12) DHJ
– Give thanks to the Lord (Forever) (Scripture Based songs Vol.12) DHJ
– Meekness and Majesty (Scripture Based songs Vol.12) DEJ
– There is none like you (Scripture Based songs Vol.12) DHJ

2012 – Renewed (Unity Series 391) DHJ
– I know he rescued my soul (Scripture Based songs Vol.13) DHJ
– I will worship (Scripture Based songs Vol.13) DHJ
– The way its gonna be (Scripture Based songs Vol.13) DHJ
– Your grace still amazes me (Scripture Based songs Vol.13) DEJ

2013 – Somebody Prayed (Unity Series 408) DHJ
– Lord, you are good (Scripture Based songs Vol.14) DHJ
– You are my strength when I am weak (Scripture Based songs Vol.14) DEJ

2014 – Bless the Lord, O my soul (10,000 Reasons) (Scripture Based songs Vol.15) DHJ
– Reign in me (Scripture Based songs Vol.15) DEJ
– Building Up! (Triumph Series 1252) DHJ


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