Vocal works

Chronological index of vocal works published by the Salvation Army (S.P.&S.):
For all enquiries for sheet music and/or backing tracks, please call 01933 445445

1979 – Baby Jesus (New songs for Young People) DEJ

– Show me thy face (STTL Vol. 1 pt.3) DEJ

– Altar-flame (STTL Vol. 9 pt.3) DEJ
– We’ll praise Jesus (STTL Vol. 9 pt.3) DHJ

– Somebody prayed for me (STTL Vol. 10 pt.1) DHJ
– Yours (STTL Vol. 10 pt.3) DHJ
– Power and love (STTL children’s voices Vol. 10) DHJ
– Stand Up (STTL male voice Vol.9) DEJ
– While I speak to thee (STTL male voice Vol.9) DHJ
– How I love the name of Jesus (STTL female voice Vol.9) DHJ

– Praise him ev’ry day (STTL Vol. 11 pt.1) DHJ
– Comfort me Jesus (STTL Vol. 11 pt.2) DHJ
– Far beyond words (STTL Vol. 11 pt.3) DEJ
– He was a man (STTL children’s voices Vol. 11) DEJ

– Benedictus Laudes (STTL Vol. 12 pt.2) DHJ
– Church on fire! (STTL Vol. 12 pt.3) DHJ
– Party Time!(STTL children’s voices Vol. 12) DHJ

– By his own light (STTL Vol. 13 pt.2) DHJ
– God can do! (STTL children’s voices Vol. 12) DHJ

– For you I’ll live (STTL Vol. 14 pt.1) DHJ

– I want to serve you, Lord (STTL Vol. 15 pt.2) DHJ

– Call me again (STTL Vol. 16 pt.1) DHJ
– Enchanting Child (STTL children’s voices Vol. 16) DEJ

– Heaven holds a place (STTL Vol. 17 pt.2) DHJ

– God’s love to me is wonderful (STTL Vol. 18 pt.3) DHJ
– Mary, did you know? (STTL children’s voices Vol. 18) DHJ

– A melody of love (STTL children’s voices Vol. 20) DHJ

– Zephaniah 3:17 (STTL children’s voices Vol. 21) DHJ


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